Spotify Playlist Streaming FAQ

My service is for a minimum of 180k per month but most of the time you’ll be getting 200+k. Also from time to time I offer extra streams for free(announced on telegram).

Spotify pays $1 to$2 per k for free streams, based on past payouts on average you can expect $1.5-1.8 per k but on rare cases you can also see as low as $0.8 per k.

They’re all coming from free accounts so you can refer to the payout above.

Premium streams has a slightly higher payout but not worth the risk in my opinion so I don’t offer it

Premiums streams are from premium accounts, people who offer prem streams mostly use craked accounts which might have the chance of the owner reporting your song which I don’t want to take or put any of my costumer into.

Honestly no streams are safe other than actual listeners, if anyone say or guarantee that theirs are safe then I’d stay away from them asap. Spotify botting is against their TOS so they can take down your song and possibly ban your artist. (Depending on your distro they might hold and not pay you)

These are all tips but nothing is guaranteed. Create, maintain, and promote your songs, artist, and playlists regularly on any popular social media.

Try to keep at least 6 songs on the playlist(1k stream per song) below 1k per day is the safest but 2k is still relatively safe(of course slightly higher risk)

Yes, I offer this for free. A good ratio of 1-5% follow and 10-20% likes.

Sorry but this is a set package, you can share the package with someone else tho.

You can order two times the service and you’ll get double the amount to the same playlist

Yes, for every 10 playlist you’ll get 2 free playlist spot for free (worth $250)

No refunds can be given once the service is started.

Unless I can’t deliver the agreed amount of streams.

No trial or testsĀ 


Paypal is possible but only to select costumers after you must have had 2 month of service with me.